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Becoming a "Friend" of the Education Foundation of Niagara is an easy and economical way of supporting education in Niagara.  Friends are annual supporters that assist our need for operational funding.  Without this type of support, EFN cannot continue to provide schools with financial support for programming, or individual students with subsidies that will allow them to access equalized educational opportunities. 


Become A Friend of the Foundation

  • Annual Donation - $30.00 
  • Lifetime Friend - one-time donation - $300.00 
  • Organizational Friend - one time donation - $500.00 

You will receive

  • Listing of your donation on the website and mentioned in various publications; 
  • Mailings of our newsletter and other EFN activities; 
  • The great feeling you get when you support a child's dreams. 

 Email us on how to become a Friend or click here for form!    


Friends of the Foundation


 Myra Arnold  

Sue Barnett   

Peter Bolger    

Susan Bright    

Todd Bright     

  Beverly Brooks    

Brenda Buckingham    

Sharon Burns 

Barbara Burrows   

Barbara Chadwick    

Patt Chivers      

Jaquelin Clark  

Sally Cocco   

Gerry Cunningham  

Randy Daly  

Rita DeLuca Gates  

Mae Denby  

Carol Downey    

John Dickson  

Paul Fell   

Velma Ferrell  

Hilda Finlayson  

Don Fretz  

Ted Fretz  

Liz Fulford  

Nancy Gallacher 

Fred Goldrup 


Cathy Green-Redekop  

Charlotte Gullett    

Bob Iannizzi  

Nancy Iannizzi  

Robert Jobson  

Susan Jobson    

Edward Jones   

Steve Klimczuk 

Douglas Kelly  

Gary King  

Phyllis King  

Laurene Klassen 

Denis Letourneau  

Bob Lewis  

Ronna Lockyer  

Tracy Mackie 

Arlene Maliphant  

Sue Mark  

Ron Martens  

Kevin Maves  

Erin McIIwain   

Reagan Miller  

David Morris   

Bill Mozina  

Susana Nagy  

Darrell Neufeld  


Melissa Predote  

Linda Rocco  

Gail Ragetlie 

Dale Robinson  

Chris Rogers  

Teresa Rudling  

Sherry Quesnel  

Norma Sabourin  

Carol Saunders  

Janet Savard  

Allyson Slee  

Jim Smith  

Kelli Spureli  

John Stainsby  

Anna Stockwell  

Diane Theriault  

Flo Tripp  

Greg Watson  

Mable West  

Gerry Winger  



 Lifetime Friends 



Organizational Friends 



Gary Atamanyk      

Jim Bradley     

Lora Campbell      

Maud Casimir      

Dalton Clark  

Poppy Gilliam      

Lorne Gretsinger     

Jim Heywood      

Warren Hoshizaki      

Debbie L'Ecuyer   

Ron Martens   

Ann McLaughlin     

Anne Mirynech 

John Ripley      

Judy Reid      

Brenda Stokes Verworn      

George Thomas      

 Pam Voth 

Jan Young   




British Canadian Veteran's Association 

Cooper Wealth Management   

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