District School Board of Niagara (dsbn.org)
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    Through the eLearning program at the District School Board of Niagara, selected courses are available “online” where students complete course expectations in an online environment.  Students interact with teachers and classmates using a variety of web-based tools to complete assignments, participate in discussion groups, submit materials and assessments and receive regular and timely feedback from the teacher. This is one more opportunity for students to achieve success as they customize their learning plans to fit their personal educational goals.


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    The DSBN eLearning program provides students with additional opportunities to earn credits toward their graduation diploma.  Online learning supports students as they customize their learning plans to fit their educational goals by selecting from a wide variety of eLearning courses.  Students enrolled in an eLearning course will complete all of the course requirements in an online environment where they will have access to high quality content delivered by dedicated DSBN teachers.  Throughout the course teachers will provide assessment opportunities and feedback in a timely manner as they monitor student progress in the course by regular interaction with each student.