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From traditional summer school for new credits or upgrading, to our GR8 in 8 and High School Headstart programs and even summer cooperative education programs, there is something for everyone.

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GR8 in 8

For students entering Grade 8 in September 2016

The "GR8 in 8" program is an experience that helps students prepare for Grade 8. At the end of the program, students will have stronger language skills, increased math skills and have more confidence which will help them succeed in Grade 8.

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The "High School Head Start" program helps students get ready for their first year of secondary school. Students learn important organizational and time management skills, develop their language and math skills and at the end of the program, have increased their confidence for a new start in high school.

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New Credit courses available to current Grade 7 & 8 students that are designed to allow students to get a start at the High School in their community. Courses include Physical and Health Education, Fitness, Integrated Arts and Robotics

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New Credit/Remedial Credit Program

Summer school offers a variety of remedial and new credits which are offered in several subjects areas, with an emphasis in English, Math and Science.

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e+Learning Summer School provides students with the opportunity to earn credits in a variety of subject areas while maintaining some flexibility in their summer schedule.

Full credit courses are 110 hours in length and students should expect to work a minimum of 4 hours per day to complete their studies.

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Students work at their co-op a minimum of 7 hours per day for 28 days. Regular attendance for both the work place and in-class sessions are mandatory. This is a two (2) credit co-op.

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Online assignments about Agriculture, and summer employment credit, provide students with the opportunity to earn 2 elective credits in 6 weeks towards their OSSD. Applications available for students 16 to 20 years of age, who have a job and internet access at home.

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July 4 - August 15

Summer Co-op Program

This specialized summer CO-OP program is available to students currently connected to the Youth Job Connection Summer program with an approved employment agency in the Niagara region. Students will have the opportunity to earn one or two elective Co-op credits.

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